Hi, I'm Farai Gandiya

A web developer looking to enter the software industry.

I started my programming journey in 2014 when I enrolled at Wartburg College to get my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree (graduated in 2018). Since then, I’ve learned a lot, from Computer Science fundamentals through to programming languages like Python and JavaScript as well as making projects practice what I’ve learned.

While studying I had a job at the college library working as a Technology Consultant. I did a lot there such as;

Some of the things I programmed during the occasional programming are a script to display the libary’s hours for the day, denugging the library’s homepage as well as starting the redesign for the library’s interlibrary loan page.



This webpage calculates the true cost of speeding. It does it by finding a route between two points in Chicago using the Google Maps API, figuring out which speed traps and red light cameras are passed along that route using Camera Locations from the City of Chicago’s Data Portal and calculating the fines due to speeding. Made during Uncommon Hacks 2017 where it won a prize for Most Uncommon.

YouTube x RSS

A webpage which extracts RSS feeds from YouTube URLs.

Zimbabwe PAYE Calculator

A tax calculator for Zimbabwe’s tax tables. Only calculates the simple tax rate for now. The ability to factor in deductions is coming soon!

Better Election Results

A data project I’m working on where I’m trying to improve how the Zimbabwe Election results are displayed. The main goal is to provide the election results in various formats (like CSV, SQL, XLSX, JSON etc.) and ultimatley have an interative website displaying the results.

Virtual Jo

A virtual assistant which provides college menus and course information. Made using Dialogflow, Google Cloud Functions and Node.js for my senior project in college.

Word Clock

A clock which uses words to tell the time.

What Now?

If you’re interested in hiring me, you can email me at gandiyafarai@gmail.com. You can also download a copy of my resume.